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One of the most frequented rooms in any home is the bathroom, so it is no wonder that a little upgrade here and there can do amazing things for the value of a home. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions to updating and redefining a house. When you are ready for a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the South Bay, JNO Construction & Design is ready to help you through every step of the process.

Before beginning your project or making any decisions, take the time to draft up the pros and cons of your current bathroom. Develop a sharp sense of what you want out of a new bathroom.

Of course, costs are a major factor in any renovation. Thankfully, bathroom renovations can potentially cost a bit less than renovating larger rooms. Consult our experts for a quote, or start with ball park figures using tools such as Better Homes & Gardens bathroom remodeling cost calculator.

Your Wish List

We will start by creating a design plan and estimate for your project. If you have a budget, this is the time to let us know so we can plan according to how much you want to spend. You should also make a wish list. This should include what you like and do not like about your current bathroom. Consider the biggest changes you want to make, including more room to move around or additional fixtures. Other considerations to keep firmly in mind and possibly write down include:

Styles & Trends: If you have a particular style or theme you want to go for, write it down or find some examples. Find a style that evokes the feeling you want out of your bathroom. Designs vary as much as anywhere else in the home. You can go for trends or unique motifs such as this eco-modern bathroom or these industrial-chic styles featured on Remodelista. For a guide to various styles and what they accomplish, HGTV has a bathroom remodeling trends guide here.

Layout: We can change the overall layout or leave it exactly as it is. The overall layout of your bathroom can be adjusted, even if it seems set in stone as it is. Seasoned renovation experts can help you figure out how to reconfigure the shower or bath, the toilet, and the sink – or work around the infrastructure to accomplish what you want.

For example, partial-height walls can add separation to the space. Storage is key to a stylish and functional bathroom. If you want to hide away the toiletries, new cabinetry and creative options can make that happen. Shelves can also add to your storage space without taking up square footage.

Tub Or Shower: You could have one, both, or neither. Adding one or both can be beneficial if you plan on selling in the near future. The tub or shower offers a renovation area that can seriously overhaul the look and feel of the room. Think about both personal touches and universal appeal, especially if you think you might sell soon.

Nothing has the timeless beauty of an excellent bathtub, but modern stand-up showers have become extremely popular for good reason. From glass surroundings to personalized fixtures and details, your shower should do everything you want it to. Think about whether you want built-in shelving or stands for shower products, for instance.

Countertops: Granite and granite tile are popular materials, as are marble and soapstone. Manufactured quartz adds a sense of beauty without breaking the bank. Tiles are also beautiful and appealing to many different styles. For the bathroom with a countertop, your choice of material will greatly impact your everyday use as well as the cost and value of the bathroom remodeling project.

Tiles also create beautiful bathroom countertops, allowing plenty of personalization of color and scale. For affordable custom cuts and colors, synthetic solids are often an appealing choice. A unique bathroom remodeling project should also consider outside-the-box options like stainless steel or sealed wood. HGTV offers a helpful video discussion of unique countertop materials for the bathroom.

Sink & Faucet: There are many different fixtures to choose from. Bowl or vessel sinks are particularly trendy. The sink itself, as well as the faucet and fixtures, can complete a bathroom remodeling project perfectly. Many trends include bowl or vessel sinks. You can browse ideas for intriguing options in Remodelista’s list of architect-designed sinks.

Toilet: You do not want to forget the commode. We can help adjust the color and shape of your toilet to make it as comfortable or stylish as possible. Complete the look and feel of your bathroom remodeling with a toilet that makes you most comfortable. Your renovation project is the time to add a bidet or completely change the color or shape of the toilet, so take your time browsing options.


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