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Quality Roofing Solutions

Your roofing plays a key role in the aesthetics of the house, while also acting as the first line of defense against inclement weather. Quality roofing solutions should stand up to the trends as well as the elements.

Proper roofing installation requires expert craftsmanship. Our team understands the importance of doing the job right the first time, especially when it comes to roofing. From measuring and cutting to the final steps of installation, we stay on top of the details to ensure that the roofing is perfectly prepared for the years to come, so you don’t have to worry about repairs or leaks in the future.

We offer roofing services for all needs, including:

  • New construction
  • Renovation
  • Old roof removal
  • Repairs and re-enforcements
  • Home additions and extensions

Expert craftsman create lasting quality

Our roofing renovation and new roof construction teams offer wisdom and experience in creating lasting solutions. Less skillful roofers can leave behind flaws, and even small errors in roofing can quickly grow into larger problems due to water damage, cracking, and other weathering issues.

Design elements

As a major component of your home’s exterior aesthetics, roofing should be done in tandem with knowledgeable designers. There are many roofing solutions out there, but some may be better suited to your architecture and better aligned to your neighborhood.

From the classic Spanish mission tiles of California homes to cutting-edge environmentally conscious roofing, we work with you to find solutions that benefit your home’s looks and value while also ensuring the highest standards of function. Choice of roofing makes a strong impact on the design statement of your house, and we’re always excited to help you find the best-looking solutions.

When re-roofing or planning new construction, look at the roofs of houses you find appealing as well as taking notice of how your roof will look amongst the other houses on your street. Perhaps you want to go with the flow of the neighborhood, or perhaps you want unique roofing to help your home stand out. In either case, we can help you learn about the different advantages of all solutions. Consumer Reports also offers a roofing buyer’s guide online where you can get facts and recommendations.

Let’s take a look at the many new and traditional roofing styles that work well with Southern California homes.


Green roofs are both environmentally green as well as lush with beautiful vegetation. With proper installation, your roof can become a protective barrier for your house as well as a functional garden. We can help determine the best placement of eco-roofing on your home, so that you can maximize all the visual and ecological benefits.

Not only does an eco-roof help the planet by adding green space with plants that oxygenate the air, but the roofing system also helps filter rainwater. Between the waterproof barrier and the soil, a storm water collection system takes excess rain and filters it for use in landscaping. It also helps with landscaping by preventing excess water from damaging your lawn and plants below. In fact, by cleaning storm water the eco-roof helps the neighborhood and city by reducing the stress on water treatment systems.

Many other eco-friendly options are out there, like used slate and various other recycled materials. We can work with you to find a green roofing solution that best suits your needs.

Spanish tiles

The classic appeal of Spanish mission-style tile roofing makes it feel both worldly and very local in our area. You can browse how these layered red tiles look on a variety of architectural styles at this Spanish tile photo collection. The rich color of these tiles contrasts well with virtually any color of house paint and material, while beautifully accenting dormers and other features of your home’s structures.

As sturdy as they are beautiful, Spanish tiles offer low maintenance and long-lasting quality. The layering of the tiles does require expert installation, and our team is experienced in placing these tiles perfectly.

Shingles and panels

Available in wood, metal, and asphalt options, shingles provide a versatile option to suit a home of any style. In the mild California climate, shingles last for decades and require little maintenance over the years if properly installed.

You can also find colorful and stylish options of panel and seam roofing, with the durability of steel along with well-designed aesthetics.


Naturally rich in color and providing solid protection, slate tile roofing has become an extremely popular option. The complex hues of slate adorn a home with both luxurious quality and a certain rustic appeal of high-quality stone. The tiles can overlap each other or be finely laid side-by-side.

Our roofing team can work with you to create custom designs in slate tiles as well as guidance in sourcing the best product.

Engineered materials

Synthetic rubbers and plastics offer impressive durability, with choices of many different styles. We can help you find high-quality engineered materials in the style of slate, shake shingles, and many other varieties. These products offer easy maintenance, long life, and lots of customization options.

For any roofing renovation or construction, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process and complete job with expert craftsmanship. A quality roof makes a wise investment for your home’s looks, safety, and value. Let us know how we can help with your next roofing project.


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