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Instantly Boost Curb Appeal & Interior Beauty

Adding beautiful, distinctive touches to your home is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. With the help of the expert contractors at JNO Construction & Design your home can be transformed, updated, and improved in all kinds of ways. We are the Los Angeles home renovation experts that can deliver superior results to your windows and doors every time. With the help of top quality materials your home will enjoy the results of this transformation for many years to come.

Enhancing Entry Ways & Windows

The windows and exterior doors are among the first things visitors will notice about your home; are you happy with the impression these features make? In addition to providing homeowners in Los Angeles with room addition design-build services, we also craft elegant window and door solutions to enhance the beauty and value of your home.

The shape and style of your windows makes a big impact on the curb appeal of your home and helps you coordinate your interior decoration. Think about your preferences when it comes to windows, especially how much light you want to let in and whether you want to be able to open the windows in a particular way.

Window Types

Here are some popular window types to consider throughout your home:

  • Casement windows open fully, either inward out or outward. Either hinged or operated by a lever, the casement style involves opening in the middle so you can open one or both sides, letting in the breeze and getting lots of ventilation. These can be used throughout the home and are especially popular in kitchens and breakfast nooks, in reading and sitting rooms, and overlooking the yard or patio.
  • Picture windows are fixed panes of glass set in the walls, in a variety of styles with single panes or with multiple sashes separated by bars. Full-pane picture windows can maximize the amount of natural light coming in.
  • Single-hung or double-hung windows consist of a top and bottom section. Single-hung windows have one of the two halves fixed, while the other can open on a hinge. Double-hung windows can have either half opened.
  • Bay windows are a popular look-out made up of three parts, forming a trapezoid shape. This design lets you look out in wide angles and allows for a bench seat.
  • Slider windows open up by sliding left to right or up and down. These work well if you have trees outside or other things blocking the ability to open inward or outward. Sliding windows also give you an easy option for opening up only a few inches to let in a breeze.
  • Awning windows open from the bottom edge outward and can be propped up to be kept open. This can be an attractive style choice while also allowing nice ventilation without opening a window very far.

Window Materials

Choice of window material lets you match the windows with doors, molding, and other home accents, while allowing for different aesthetics and maintenance requirements.

  • Wood windows offer natural beauty and have the best ability to match moldings. We can help you source quality wood as well as a paint or stain option that best suits your home.
  • Clad windows are made of wood that is coated with vinyl, aluminum or another protective surface. You can paint clad windows any color you wish and you’ll enjoy the benefit of easy maintenance; the protective surface naturally prevents moisture damage.
  • Aluminum windows are excellent for sleek, modern design thanks to their crisp, clean edges.
  • Vinyl windows are both affordable and durable, with very little cleaning and maintenance required. This popular choice allows for color coordination and many other choices of details.

Door Materials

Materials for doors, whether interior or exterior, affect aesthetics, feel, and durability. Interior doors are generally wood or fiberglass, with heavy consideration on aesthetics and weight. Exterior doors should feature the perfect look and the ultimate in security and functionality. It helps to consider sun positioning for exterior doors, because doors that get a lot of intense rays should have materials and treatments to resist fading.

  • Wood doors offer classic beauty that’s hard to resist. Wood is excellent for customization with glass panels and decorative elements like ironwork designs.
  • Fiberglass doors feature the look of wood with easy care, thanks to the fact that they do not require repainting or staining as wood doors eventually do. Fiberglass is also a good choice for insulation and is good at keeping in air conditioning.
  • Steel doors are affordable, durable, and feature great security value. Color and painting options are endless, too. We can also install quality kick panels to prevent dents.

Exterior Door Styles

Your front door and other exterior doors are a major part of the face of your house. They greet you and your guests and should definitely be carefully selected for style and quality.

The style of your exterior doors should coordinate with the windows while also being natural gateways to the aesthetics of the home’s interior. Your front door can be a inspiring place to get creative and include decorative splashes, whether ornate or minimalist.

Most exterior doors feature either raised panel or mission flat panel construction, or else they are made of one solid material. In panel construction, the central part of the door is a separate piece inlaid to the sturdy frame of the door, and accented typically with molding or other decoration. The molding can either be part of the frame, or applied after construction. Solid doors can be made of a variety of materials, with accents carved or applied and with or without glass.

We can help you navigate through the many styles of front doors, from cathedral arches to stained glass masterpieces. We also help design vertical windows along the sides of the doors. This is a great area to add decorative glass, or privacy glass that lets you look out while obscuring the view to the indoors either by a treatment or covering.

Another exterior door option is the Dutch door, with separated top and bottom that can open and close together or separately. This is a great choice for ventilation and a fun option to let pets run inside and out.

Interior Door Styles

Throughout your home, you can use varied door styles for savvy pairing with different motifs, while coordinating the doors to match helps ensure continuity. We can help you find door solutions for every room that flow well together while accomplishing your goals for design and function.

Matching interior doors with crown molding and other home accents helps the aesthetic movement from room to room. Through applied molding or custom panel work, we can find or create the perfect door panels for any room.

Glass panels can be used on interior doors to help with natural light and make a home feel open and spacious. Glass accents on arches or entirely wood and glass doors also work well in kitchens and between dining areas. Another option is the louver door, with a washboard style that suits kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms well.

Quality Always Outlasts Trends

Quality design will always stand the test of time. Even though styles and tastes will change, the enduring beauty of exceptional design will always remain fresh and engaging. Adding new doors, windows, or other features to your property should not feel like a gamble against shifting preferences; this decision should feel like an investment in beauty and appeal.

Our gallery of projects clearly shows that our design team has an eye for the kind of quality that outlasts flash-in-the-pan trends. Our work will always looks fresh and inviting no matter how long you own your home.


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