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A Must of California Homes

Make the most of your outdoor space by adding a gorgeous patio where you’ll love to spend time. Our lovely climate beckons us outdoors, making well-designed patio solutions a must for California homes. Imagine the hours you can spend soaking up the sun or relaxing in the breeze under a shady umbrella. Having a patio to enjoy can be like adding square footage to your home.

From setting up a foundation to pouring concrete or installing tile, patio solutions are best handled by experts. We can help with design plans, source the best materials, and construct a perfectly measured and executed patio.

Great patio plans

As with designing a room inside the home, a great patio starts with thoughtful planning. We should begin with a budget in mind, while getting creative to brainstorm a stunning patio that meets all your wants and needs.

Consider how you and your family will want to enjoy the patio most. Will it be for evening entertainment, backyard meals, or lounging? It helps to imagine how it will be when you are getting to your patio from the kitchen or the swimming pool, and designing it so it will be easy and convenient to get around. Alternatively, you can design a patio so that it feels removed and private, hidden from the sun, or surrounded by vegetation.

However you want your patio to feel, we can help make it feel seamlessly matched with your home design, or well integrated with landscaping. This requires making sure that the patio meets codes and respects property lines and setbacks, while also being aware of utility lines and other details as necessary. Proper drainage is another concern, helping you avoid water buildup and protecting nearby grass and plants. We make sure to get the job done right the first time when creating patio solutions.

Choosing patio surfaces

Many materials are well-suited to our lovely weather, so you can choose any patio surfaces that suit your style and budget. We find solutions that create the look you want while pairing well with your house’s architecture and the surroundings.

  • Natural stone offers a luxury look and feel and is well-suited to a wide variety of design themes. Slate, limestone, and many other stones can be laid down as side-by-side slabs with or without mortar. Natural stone can also be used as a border of the patio or as a stepping stone trail leading away. Browse inspiring photos of stone patios at Houzz here.
  • Tiles can be glazed or unglazed and come in a wide variety of colors, allowing for easy customization. Tile solutions for patios will typically require pouring a concrete foundation first. Some tiles are better suited to use around swimming pools, to avoid slipperiness. HGTV offers photos and info about patio tiles.
  • Concrete can be poured as a single slab or made into many different geometric or organic patterns. You can even add color to the concrete to give it a more custom look. Concrete can be less costly than other options, but expert paving will ensure perfect installation and prevent cracking later on.
  • Pavers come in organic or geometric shapes. They are usually constructed out of stone materials and made to look like many different tile and stone surfaces. You can also find eco-friendly pavers made from recycled materials. Bob Vila has a great articleabout patio pavers.
  • Brick provides long-lasting durability and a irresistible handsomeness, and it can be installed in custom patterns and unique color choices. Special bricks are made just for outdoor use and feel wonderful under the foot when used in patios.

Patio design inspiration

While dreaming up the patio you want, focus on the aesthetics and themes you most enjoy in outdoor spaces, and we can bring it to life. We can help plan around swimming pools and gardens, seamlessly bringing together all your outdoor elements. The heart of the inspiration should come from you, and luckily there are many options and resources for finding great patio design inspiration. You can browse HGTV’s guide to patio design or Southern Living’s eclectic ideabook for patios.

  • Garden patios take advantage of the lush vegetation we can have in California, and really let you enjoy getting out of the house to spend time feeling surrounded by nature. You can also create a beautiful desert-style garden patio, with cactus and succulents thriving among modern southwestern décor.
  • Entertainment-minded patios feature bars, built-in grilling areas, and seating around a fireplace or chiminea. We can help design a patio for you centered around enjoying your family, guests, and outdoor activities. You can even go for a game-themed patio with a giant chessboard made out of patio tiles or other unique options.
  • Modern or mid-century style patios harken back to when outdoor patio and pool culture began right here in the Los Angeles area. With sleek lines and clean design, a modern-styled patio can feature minimalist construction and stunning details.
  • Build a patio with yoga or exercise in mind for a meditative retreat. Patios can be the perfect place to relax under the sun or under a pergola roof, letting you have quality personal time with fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

Whether renovating or building new, we can give your outdoor space a patio solution that lets you enjoy your time at home even more. From budgeting and drawing up designs to the last details of construction, our design and building team will make your patio an excellent investment and a new asset to enjoy throughout the year.


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